Diane is a graphic designer and illustrator. She worked for 15 years in the field and then decided to spend more quality time raising her son. After he started art and design college, he was the one who planted the seed for Diane to rediscover her art. So it wasn’t until she was in her early 50’s that she decided to pursue art once again.

Instead of going back into graphic design, she serendipitously discovered her inner passion in the creation of Mandalas, feeling a profoundly deep connection to the beauty, geometry and intricate detail of this sacred art form. When viewing her works many say that they feel her bright and loving spirit.

Diane’s Mandalas start from a center point and then work outwards completely freehand except for the rulered lines from each corner of the paper to the center. They are quite imperfect if you look closely, and that is what gives the illusion of perfection when stepping back. There is never a plan, and each Mandala flows in a spontaneous and unknowing way, as if the Mandala speaks what shape it should take.

After creating Mandalas for a few years, Diane decided she wanted a more free form type of art and discovered the art of Collage. She took a Mixed Media class and realized she loved the freedom of combining different materials into a piece of art. She has been concentrating on her collages for the past several years, but has recently started creating new Mandalas, and has also been combining them into a blended theme.

What Diane has come to realize is that the art of Mandalas and the art of Collages are actually not so different. They both start from nothing, with no clear direction, and the mistakes that happen are not really mistakes, but always a perfect surprise!

Diane has had one of her collages in The Culver City Art Walk, a collage in a juried show at the Torrance Art Museum, has done several commissioned pieces, and had 8 of her Mandalas in a group show at The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City. She still takes art classes and is still learning different techniques from her art instructor, Gloria D. Lee, a talented painter and Mixed Media artist.

Diane was born in 1955 in Los Angeles. She went to California State University, Long Beach and majored in Graphic Design.

Diane has been married to her husband Leslie Ekker for 28 years, and they have a son Noel who is 24. She is inspired everyday by both of them for their incredible talent, creativity and passion as artists themselves, and for always believing in her!